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Aurora Towing Reviews

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Excellent tow truck service

I chose this place after my husband's car broke down on the side of I-25 and we needed to get it to an auto repair shop fast. We are fairly new to the area and did not know who to ask for a recommendation. We chose them based on their positive online reviews and I so happy that we went with them. They were super friendly and easy to work with. I never met them in person, because we had to abandon the car to get to work but they took care of everything. I called them in the morning around 8:30am and within a couple of hours my car was where it needed to be and I was paying over the phone with a credit card. Great experience with this company!

Amanda G - Aurora Colorado

Towing Service That You Can Trust

I want to start off that I have had to use quite a few tow companies over the last few weeks because my car has been having many issues. I have had some real winners when it comes to the companies most have been rude, expensive and took a very long time to get to me. Well again tonight on my way home from work my car died again and I was in need of a tow again. I looked up on Google and Yelp trying to find people this late on a Sunday. I found one guy that wanted to charge me $175 to go 2 miles, one guy that was going to charge me $95 for the hook-up and then $3 per mile. To get to the point none sounded good to me. Then I found Eagle Wing Towing, I called and spoke with Brian who was extremely polite and understanding of the situation I was in. I explained where I was and where I wanted the car towed and even asked for a ride back to my house after dropping the car off at my car repair shop. He quoted me a price and said that since he lived really close to where I lived he would not charge me and would have no problem getting me home. The quote came out to be $80.00 total for a 3.4 mile tow and then another 3 mile drive back to my house.

So Brian sent his father Carmelo out to get me when he arrived he was very polite, very quick and even offered me a bottle of water to drink. After our long drive to the shop and my house we got to talking about personal stuff and car stuff and even what I do for a living and I explained I would love to help him anytime they need. He was grateful and offered me a bit more of a discount. All together I paid $60 to get my car to the shop, me to the house and a piece of mind. I will be using this company from now on for all my towing needs. I will also be telling all my friends about it.

Dominic C - Aurora Colorado

Fast and Efficient Towing In Aurora

I've called eagle wing towing many of times and every time has been fast and efficient!!! In the past i went through a lot of tow company's but eagle wing has earned my business!!

Will C - Aurora Colorado

Professional Towing in Aurora

... I called them and they beat everybody's price and they got there in 5 minutes, very professional tow truck drivers... Thanks for being there when I need you!

Dan A - Aurora Colorado

Professional Tow in Littleton Co

I had a very busy day at work, running all over town. My car broke down, stopped dead on the road. I called some other company and they told me an hour and a half. Frustrated I started calling whoever I could find. I called Eagle Wing and they had a guy there in ten minutes. This was not enough time for me to figure out where I needed to go. I had warranty on my car but wasn't sure if it had to go back to the dealer I bought it from or what. Carmelo was very patient and helpful. He suggested a shop near by that was fully certified to do warranty work and saved me a bunch on the tow. I live in Littleton and would definitely pay more to get them to Littleton than to pay anyone else. Very professional, very helpful and would always recommend them.

Sam H - Denver Colorado