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Flatbed / Wheel Lift Service:

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Do you have an all-wheel drive vehicle with a transmission problem? Maybe you need to move a vehicle without the keys or salvage your stranded from a tight parking spot? This are a few of the many situations that may require Eagle Wing's specialized tow equipment. Our Flatbeds and Wheel Lift trucks are well-suited to towing show cars, motorcycles, boats and construction equipment. Our equipment is safe, regularly maintained, insured, bonded and inspected annually by the Colorado Department of Transporation. Best of all, our experienced drivers promise zero vehicle damage.

Our Flatbed and Wheel Lift trucks are inspected annually so that we can provide damage-free towing. You may find yourself in need of a Flatbed or Wheel Lift truck for towing and recovery of most low-profile and luxury vehicles, or any potentially-unsafe vehicles after an accident. Our Flatbed also transports property other than vehicles such as construction equipment, forklifts and generators. Customers may choose to make use of our Wheel Lift truck when, for instance, a vehicle is stuck in all wheel drive, keys have been lost, or the tow location is a low-clearance parking garage or extra tight parking spot.