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Private Property Towing

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This is the area of our tow truck business in which Eagle Wing’s experience and heart comes in especially handy. As a property owner or manager, it can be difficult and stressful to deal with illegally-parked vehicles or abandoned cars. . Eagle Wing is here to help manage parking problems in a fair, ethical and responsible manner. And unlike many tow truck companies, we own our vehicle storage lot and monitor it for round-the-clock vehicle safety and security.

We currently have private property towing contracts several local apartment complexes. We offer no-charge impound service, and free signage to help enforce covenant community or private property parking policies along with municipal parking laws.

Use our services to:

  • Keep fire lanes and tow away zones clear
  • Enforce handicap parking
  • Comply with permit parking regulations
  • Remove abandoned and improperly-stored vehicles
  • Relocate vehicles for parking lot repairs and/or resurfacing
As an additional advantage, Eagle Wing Towing offers photos of the vehicles we tow so that property managers and vehicle owners can stay well-informed about the location and condition of a vehicle at all times. We also obtain case numbers from local police departments so that owners can follow up on the status of a relocated vehicle.